About stitchDX

Threading together expertise in
digital marketing, employee engagement, and strategy.

We created Stitch with the belief that when your team and tools work together, they will be more successful. Whether you need an intranet solution or digital marketing tools, we stay focused on creating integrated digital strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. Together, the pieces form a total digital experience that meets your strategic goals and grows your business.

The Stitch team brings decades of experience in advertising design, employee engagement and collaboration, brand management, consumer marketing, retail marketing, and project management to each of our projects.

The “DX” in our name stands for “Digital Experience.”  And our exclusive solutions—prospectLAB and SQUAD—deliver digital experiences that significantly improve marketing ROI and workplace productivity across your organization.

Threading together expertise in workplace engagement, brand strategy, lead generation, digital marketing, content creation, UX/UI design, and website development, we deliver integrated digital experiences – stitch by stitch.