Outbound Marketing

As part of our brand experience program, we look to develop strategies that capture and connect with our target audience. The affinity building component is paramount in the sales process and starts by developing credibility. Therefore, outbound marketing is implemented to broadcast your message to target customers with a campaign that resonates and draws them into the fold.

Generating buzz through an outbound marketing program focused on print ads, TV and radio ads, sales flyers, tradeshows, press releases, email marketing and direct mail helps boost your credibility. Converting target customers into brand advocates is a process, and is essential to building a positive brand experience.

Outbound marketing philosophies coincide with our Four A Metrics’ four key stages:

  1. Generate awareness and buzz
  2. Convert target audience to brand advocates
  3. Turn brand advocates into higher margin sales
  4. Analyze for continuous improvement

Although some feel that outbound marketing is more of a shotgun approach with broad-based and widely distributed messages, we have the ability to narrow the target and market to a smaller more focused audience in efforts of generating the greatest number of sales.

Data from a recent “Internet Radio Advertising & Impact Study” indicates that internet radio has reached 39% of broadband households and that 86% of study respondents listen to both online-only internet radio and broadcast radio streamed on the internet. Radio advertising on these stations is an outbound tactic, yet we can communicate with the audience on their terms, on their time. We say “give them what they want, the way they want it.”