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Is Your Digital Workplace Ready For the Global Pandemic – and Beyond? [UPDATED]

Organizations that have invested in a modern Digital Workplace are better positioned to mitigate the effects of a global pandemic like the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, stay engaged with remote—or even furloughed—employees and ensure business continuity.

[UPDATED] Skype is Dead. Long Live Teams!

Microsoft will officially sunset Skype for Business, effective July 31, 2021 all will transition all customers Teams for internal and external communication, screensharing, and conference calling. What does this mean for your organization? How can you prepare, and what should you do to transition away from Skype?

3 Takeaways from the Tech Forward 2018 Conference

I recently spoke at the Tech Forward conference in Austin, Texas on leveraging technology to improve employee engagement. Tech Forward is an annual three-day event that brings together industry experts and nonprofit leaders to learn and discuss how technology is shaping mission-driven organizations. I walked away with these three key takeaways.