stitchDX Digital Marketing

We’re a growth agency, developing exceptional digital experiences that result in highly-efficient, lead-generation and customer acquisition marketing machines.

Full-Spectrum Digital Marketing for Growth

Your marketing objectives haven’t changed—you always want to attract new customers and close more deals. What HAS changed, is that FINDING and REACHING those customers increasingly requires a bullet-proof online strategy.

StitchDX works with you to develop and execute digital marketing strategies that connect you to the right audiences at the right time, attracting more qualified leads that close faster and drive top-line revenue.

How? We hypercharge the effectiveness of your website by optimizing each digital channel relevant to your business. This could include email, content marketing, search, social media and video—all coordinated on CRM and marketing automation solutions such as Hubspot and SharpSpring. The result? More traffic. More leads. Higher conversion. And ultimately, more customers.

The “DX” in our name stands for “Digital Experience.” And our exclusive solutions—prospectLAB and SQUAD—deliver digital experiences that significantly improve marketing ROI and workplace productivity across your organization.


You know who you are and what you do, but is it clear to your colleagues and customers? Let’s bring your brand—all aspects of it—into focus. AND let’s ensure your organization supports it in everything it says and does.

Success—whether you’re a business or a non-profit— begins with a strong brand foundation. If you are crystal-clear about who you serve and how you help them, then marketing, communications, sales, and strategy all become easier.

Brand Clarity & Identity Development

Core Messaging

Job 1: Focus like a laser on who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

Logo & Brand Assets

Be crystal clear on how you express your core messaging and personality to the world.

Brand Voice

Be crystal clear on how you express your core messaging and personality to the world.

Web Design & Development

Create the heart of your digital presence—and your inbound marketing execution.

Elevator Pitch

Get people excited about “who you are” and “what you do.” Make your one shot count.

Audience Segmentation

Get clarity about your audience to better target your content and offers.


You’ve defined your organization’s brand. Now cut through the noise with sharply targeted messages delivered over the most impactful media at precisely the right moments during the buy cycle.

People sell to people, but digital marketing automation can certainly help move the conversation along. With our services, you can be using all the tools available—from email to social to blogs to videos and more—to your advantage, putting you ahead of your competition.

Marketing Strategy & Business Acceleration

Content Strategy

Make your plan for audience engagement through blogs, eBooks, videos, white papers and more.

Lead Scoring & Nurturing

Determine which prospects are most likely to deliver the highest value—and invest in converting them.

Social Media

Choose and use the right platforms and strategy to stay connected with your audiences.

Marketing Automation

Automate the process of generating and qualifying leads, providing them with the content they want.

MarTech Stack

Email, social, CRM, analytics and more—integrate the vital technologies that generate leads and drive sales.


Explore your options—including paid search—for boosting your search engine presence.


The more you know, the more you sell. When you can gather business intelligence with every customer interaction, you can streamline your sales process. Now you’re qualifying and nurturing leads with less effort, and closing sales faster.

Your offers are more on target, your pricing is exact, and your strategic decisions are based on data, not guesses. You become clear on how to invest in marketing and sales. And you discern which customers are ready for a bigger sale.

Sales Enablement & Marketing Optimization

Sales Process

Leverage specialized communication and collaboration tools for more effective sales.


Track sales directly to your marketing efforts—and adjust spend to maximize ROI.

Account Based Marketing

Get more value from key customers by increasing the value of those relationships.


Keep your website optimized for higher search engine rankings—including Google.


Centralize all of your sales activity in one location integrated with all of your marketing.


From keywords to closed sales, metrics matter. Accuracy drives smarter decisions and better investments.