The Four A Metrics

brand marketing firmWe operate with a differentiation strategy. StitchDX is not a clone of other agencies – and this is intentional. We continue to build our team around talent and experience – not just design. Our team of professionals draws from decades of experience in advertising design, brand management, consumer marketing, retail marketing and project management, to provide creative solutions that target audiences to make the right decision – choosing your brand.

Long-term marketing industry experience has given us the practical knowledge that allows StitchDX to provide insightful, effective solutions for our clients. Our clients’ desire to fully implement and monitor the success of their marketing programs led to the development of our Four A Metrics model. Through the application of our proprietary approach, StitchDX can help you understand what it takes to set and reach goals, establish relationships with customers, vendors and members of the business community, as well as show the value in what you offer. Click on each section of the graphic to learn more.

In creating your user experience strategy, StitchDX offers a full range of services necessary to effectively reach your market. Utilizing the right combination of services to deliver the optimum brand experience is a critical aspect of the Four A Metrics. We also provide each service on an individual basis according to your organization’s needs.

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Affinity: The Importance of Relationship-Building

Affinity is achieved by creating engagement with customers on an emotional, rational or subconscious level. This engagement can be created by creating a positive experience and/or perception of the brand via channels such as a user-friendly and helpful website, the accessibility and competence of employees, social media presence and value versus the competition.

Building Affinity goes beyond creating “buzz,” which can be fleeting. We aim to establish an ongoing relationship between your brand and the target market and, potentially, among the customers themselves. StitchDX helps build Affinity for brands by strategically selecting the proper channels and crafting the messaging and experience of those channels so that, once the target audience interacts with a brand, they will develop a relationship with that brand and consistently select it over the competition.

Action: Motivating Your Target Market to Buy

Once the members of a target market are aware of a brand and have a connection with it, motivating them to take the Action is the most important component of the integrated marketing equation. Here, an observer of the brand becomes a participant by conducting the desired interaction with the brand. Whether the action is a purchase, a donation or some other contribution to the brand, the customer is now a member of the brand’s community.

It is now incumbent on the brand and its stewards to involve the participant in future brand activities (i.e. market research, promotions, etc.) to ensure repeat business. StitchDX helps generate customer Action by advising brands on the best marketing elements for the target market and creating cohesive marketing campaigns that integrate the creation of Awareness and the leveraging of Affinity so that repeat business is conducted.

Analytics: Measuring the Results

Analytics demonstrate the measurable results of a successful brand marketing strategy which enable managers to determine best practices, ROI and next steps. Focusing on the achievement of obtainable, sustainable and measurable results should be the goal of any integrated brand strategy.

Based on the circular nature of the Four A Metrics, Analytics drive the decision making of brands as they move to drive awareness of new offerings and programs. StitchDX helps our clients sift through the myriad of possible Analytics results to determine the best metrics for a particular brand and / or campaign so that brands can make informed business strategy decisions.

Awareness: Initial Phase of Brand Engagement

Awareness of a brand is the initial phase of strong brand development. Many assume they can drive awareness for a brand by merely bombarding potential customers with advertising, discounts or “cool” creative. From the biggest budget ad campaign, to the viral video that receives millions of hits online, a company can grab eyeballs and get people to talk about their brand – but not necessarily buy it. Even worse, some brand managers assume that by creating a brand, people will simply discover it.

Unlike Kevin Costner in the Field of Dreams, just because “you build it,” doesn’t necessarily mean “they will come.” And once the audience does arrive, a successful brand must fulfill a need for the customer while meeting or exceeding their expectations. StitchDX crafts awareness of your brand by driving efforts carefully based on a sound brand and marketing strategy so that, once the target audience begins to take notice of such efforts, they will develop a preference for that brand over the competition.