Analysis & Strategy

stitchdx analysis and strategy servicesCreating successful and simplified customer experiences depends on expert data analysis and strategy along with a tacit understanding of who your customers are and what motivates them from a needs perspective. Through market positioning, along with audience segmentation and customer journey mapping, StitchDX works with our clients to develop user personas that accurately reflect their business, successfully propel inbound and outbound marketing tactics across digital and traditional channels, and are most likely to respond to crafted brand experiences that drive leads and revenue.

Digital Experience

Remarkable digital experiences start with “who“, “what” and “why.Who are you customers and site users, what are they trying to do, and why do they need to do it. The first step in our Development process – Discover – helps us to understand this. We initiate a comprehensive review and data analysis of your overall business to craft a detailed plan on how to approach your website goals.

Through a customer-centric approach, we bring your users’ behavior and preferences to life for an understanding that goes beyond simple demographics. We’ll also work to uncover important information like how users would normally find you and the touch points they’ll have as they interact along their customer journey.

While correctly anticipating customer engagement requires skill – it also requires validation and verification. From stakeholder and user interviews, to clickable prototype wireframe and A/B testing, there are many techniques that will help to map a user’s optimal journey. The end result is an informed design that feels second-nature to your site users and helps to reach your a targeted growth strategy and overall business goals.

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