Marketing Automation

stitchdx marketing automation services94% of today’s B2B buyers report some degree of research online prior to making a business purchase. Making sure that prospects find you before they find your competitors, and that you have a process in place to immediately follow-up with them when they do find you, would seem to be of the highest priority for any business. Marketing automation systems are meant for exactly that purpose.

At its core, a marketing automation system is a software platform that allows marketing teams, businesses and other organizations to:

  • more easily and effectively execute marketing campaigns across online channels like email, social media, and websites;
  • automate and personalize repetitive tasks associated with campaign follow-up.

Automation of repetitive follow-up tasks and their related touchpoints is known as lead nurturing. Some lead nurturing is more generic in nature where, for example, everyone gets the same email or series of emails. Some lead nurturing is more personalized, influenced by interactions you may have with a lead or prospect that indicate more specificity around their needs or how far along they are in the buying process. Factoring in this type of intelligence lets you send leads and prospects the exact right content at the exact right time.

Drive Leads. Personalize Marketing. Grow Revenue.

That’s the Marketing Automation promise. The right solution, strategically implemented based on your business needs, will attract, engage, and convert more customers. Implement a dynamic lead generation program that drives more sales to your business.

B2B marketers who implement marketing automation increase their sales pipeline contribution by 10%.Forrester Research (2014)

Marketing Automation Basics

Is Marketing Automation right for your business? This helpful guide puts you on a path to success for increased lead generation and sales.

The team at StitchDX has extensive experience deploying lead generation programs that leverage marketing automation platforms such as SharpSpring and HubSpot. We help clients understand their customer personas and the content, offers and interactions that are most likely to engage, convert, and retain those segments. As a data-driven agency, we dig into your existing business and supporting analytics to develop effective programs that produce exceptional results and drive ROI.

Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing automation systems available in the marketplace today run the gamut on features, complexity, scalability and of course, price. Some are more suitable for Enterprise businesses that have large, sophisticated marketing teams and huge databases of contacts, while others are more appropriate for SMBs and similarly-sized organizations that may have more straightforward requirements and lead generation needs. StitchDX typically works with two of the market leading platforms: SharpSpring and HubSpot.

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Both solutions are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses that have:

  • Databases of 500 to 500,000 contacts
  • Lead gen volume that ranges from hundreds to thousands per month
  • Technical and non-technical administrative users
  • Mid-sized or smaller (even 1 person) marketing teams
  • Workflow automations that are straightforward or complex

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