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Build Your Business – Not Your Website

Executives in the construction and engineering industry we work with tell us generating new leads is one of the biggest challenges they face in growing their business.

Like most firms in the mechanical engineering industry, you probably have a website with thoughtful content. Maybe you’ve optimized your site for search engines. If you’re really on the ball, you may even be tracking your site’s traffic to try and figure out what the ROI is.

But what is your site actually doing for you? Are you confident that your site is making potential customers pick up the phone to call you? You know your site is generating traffic – why isn’t anyone filling out that contact form? If your site could generate new leads, how confident are you that your people have the right information to close that opportunity?

Should your website be generating leads?

[ hint:the answer is YES! ]

Having great, search engine optimized content is good for getting you found on Google. But what good is getting found, if they never reach out to you?

Stitch works with businesses in the mechanical contracting and engineering industries get a better handle on potential opportunities and the intelligence to close more deals, faster.


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