Website Development

stitchdx website development servicesFor today’s modern marketing organizations, your website is the hub that drives sales and marketing initiatives that build brand awareness and grow your business. Whether built on SquareSpace, WordPress or Adobe Experience Manager, your website is a 24/7 workhorse that is normally the first point of interaction for customers and potential customers.

At StitchDX, we get it. But building a website that drives measurable business results is no easy task. Our collective teams of designers, developers and marketers are experts in current trends and best practices. From project conception to scope development to marketing and support of the final product, we work with you every step of the way.

Site Build

StitchDX uses a four phase project development process – graphically highlighted below – to ensure repeatable, successful outcomes for our customers. Well established and effective for wide ranging engagements that involve web design, development and marketing, our web development methodology enables us to deliver collective expertise in the latest technologies like responsive web design, advanced analytics and marketing automation.

Upon completion of the initial analysis – Discover – and approval of the front-end user-experience concept, Design, our developers will build out your website solution in the Develop phase. Throughout Develop, your site will undergo rigorous testing by both our team and yours (UAT) to ensure that it is functioning within the approved scope. This phase may include several development sprints to integrate custom code. Finally, the Deliver phase sees your site brought into production and your team trained on how to manage content on an ongoing basis.

And as your digital business hub, your website should integrate with third-party marketing technologies and back-end systems to drive information and data seamlessly behind-the-scenes and in front of customers. With a foundation built on strong design and scalable development, we’re able to deliver next-generation, multifaceted online experiences.

Additionally, our mobile-first content mindset ensures that your website will be responsive and perform equally well across devices, screen sizes, browsers and operating systems.

Content Management

If your website is today’s marketing hub, your Content Management System (CMS) is the foundation on which that hub is built. Whether you’re building a new website on your existing CMS or looking at an all new solution, our goal is to recommend platforms that will seamlessly deploy with your internal integrations and workflow. We strive to create a system that delivers from day one and can grow with your content needs over time.

Our approach to CMS selection is platform agnostic. We help clients evaluate and choose the right CMS platform for them based on their business requirements, preferred technology, and internal capabilities. Our own teams have experience across a range of solutions including open-source platforms like Drupal and WordPress, and licensed products like Akumina Interchange.

Measure Marketing Success

One of the best aspects of marketing today is how measurable the results are. We dig into client data to truly know what is and isn’t working, where you can improve your performance, and how your customers interact with your site or application. This analysis helps us uncover and report back to you accurate customer acquisition cost and lifetime customer value so that together, we can take the right steps to build upon your realized success.

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