stitchDX Digital Workplace

Transform how your employees work, collaborate and communicate. Engage and empower your workforce to drive productivity with a modern intranet that delivers enterprise level power – in an out-of-the-box solution.

If you care about business growth and success, then it’s time to drive greater productivity, communication and collaboration across your organization.

When you deploy a modern intranet, you can deliver personalized, contextual, and scalable digital environments that your employees will embrace and use. Our SQUAD Digital Workplaces, powered by Akumina, empower your people and teams to do their best work every day, with:

  • Targeted content and communications, including employee-generated content
  • Centralized collaboration tools
  • Efficient document management
  • Personalized dashboards that give employees unified views of all applications they use
  • People directories searchable by function and responsibility as well as name

And for organizations invested in Office 365, both SQUAD Intranet and SQUAD Collaboration harness, leverage and maximize the value of all the content, data, intelligence, and communications from across the Microsoft Stack.


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See What SQUAD Can Do For Your Business

SQUAD Digital Workplace Platform - Intranet Solution
SQUAD Workplace - Intranet

SQUAD Intranet

Digital Workplace Platform
One unified location allows employees to easily target and access O365 content, tools, data, and technology to perform their jobs more effectively, improve organizational alignment, and make better business-critical decisions.

SQUAD Collaboration - Unify and manage all your projects, documents and people in one place.
SQUAD Workspaces - Collaboration

SQUAD Collaboration

Virtual Workspaces
Create unlimited workspaces, enabling your users to communicate and collaborate around all your O365 documents, projects, events, or initiatives—fully integrating all contributors, data, and conversations.