Digital Workplace

Digital Workplace strategy and tech that boost employee engagement and productivity.

Ensure your business is prepared to thrive in the new normal with a Digital Workplace that supports your workforce wherever they are.

Leverage the Digital Workplace to enhance communication, maximize collaboration, encourage innovation, and improve efficiency.

StitchDX offers deep knowledge and experience in technology, design, and organizational development to help organizations improve existing intranets, build new employee portals, and use Microsoft 365 and Teams more effectively.

Microsoft Teams

Radically improve your remote workforce’s communications and collaboration in 2 weeks.

Teams is so much more than video conferencing.
Teams can become the hub of your organization’s workforce. Use hidden functionalities to improve usability, coordinate and rally everyone around projects, utilize integrations to create a more efficient workflow.

Intranet Design & Implementation

Modern intranet solutions that drive engagement

Our approach helps craft portal experiences that enables productivity, aligns employees to organizational objectives, and connects your entire workforce wherever they are.

Microsoft 365 & SharePoint

Get the most out of your investment.

If your organization has committed to the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, we can help maximize your investment to achieve productivity goals, increase usage, and build better workflows.

Need to boost Employee Engagement?

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Powell Software

Tools to optimize the digital workplace

The global leader in Digital Workplace, Powell solutions work with your Microsoft 365 deployment to optimize and streamline workflows, governance, and build engagement. With Powell Teams, Powell Hub, and Powell 365, companies of every size can create efficient and effective digital workplaces for their workforces.