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Intranet User Canvas

  • Reframe how you organize your users
  • Identify behavioral drivers to build engagement
  • Prioritize and define tasks to build relevance
  • Organize content for better search results
  • Identify external sources of data for a unified experience

Ready to build a digital workplace experience that helps your employees stay connected, and drives greater engagement?

The Intranet User Type Canvas provides a framework to create a streamlined, optimized, and engaging experience for your employees:

Download the User Type Canvas today—email us a copy of your completed canvas to see your results translated into a customized landing page. 

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StitchDX is a digital experience agency focused on helping organizations reach and engage all their customer audiences—internal and external. Our brand-first approach delivers services and solutions that help our customers optimize user experience, improve marketing, and leverage technology to achieve high-impact growth goals around customer acquisition and employee engagement.

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