Boston WordPress Website Design

Does your company’s website provide a compelling story that positively promotes your brand and converts visitors into customers? Are people finding you when they search on Google and Bing? Are you looking to upgrade your online presence to overcome objections and reinforce your professional image?

WordPress Design PartnerStitchDX’s team of website developers, UX/UI designers and digital marketing gurus work as one to craft professional solutions. As a data-driven digital agency, our team of visual storytellers analyze the data to develop a simplified user experience that engages users and reinforces your image.

Our team’s experience with, and knowledge of, the WordPress platform is extensive. We’ve been developing WordPress websites for clients for more than six years. The platform continues to evolve and our team stays ahead of the curve to provide responsive leading-edge solutions.

Together we’ll help you tell your story to convert customers and drive revenue.

WordPress Website Development Process

Our simple four step WordPress website development process allows for the continuous flow of discovery, design, development, and delivery to optimize your project to launch on time with the best possible product.

We initiate a comprehensive review and analysis of your business to craft a detailed plan on how to approach your website goals. Our customer-centric approach requires that we understand both your business model and longterm goals. It is essential to creating the appropriate solution for your business.

In a rapidly-evolving digital world, our team of visual storytellers analyzes the data to develop an engaging user experience that entices users and stays ahead of the curve. Our team of UX/UI designers focuses on best-practices to maximize your online presence.

Upon completion of the initial analysis and approval of the front-end design concept, our team of developers will built your website solution. Throughout the development process, your site will undergo rigorous testing by both our team, and yours, to ensure that it is functioning within the approved scope.

It’s launch and “go live” time! Upon approval, our team will deploy your site to the live server. After the site is live, it’s time to talk about driving more customers. Through an optional monthly managed services package, we can continue our partnership to help ensure you achieve your goals.

Why the WordPress CMS?

WordPress initially started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to a complete content management system. WordPress is now one the most widely adopted open-source frameworks for building websites and web applications. Using WordPress enables organizations to quickly develop and deploy interactive, dynamic websites and digital applications. With more than 60 million deployments around the world, a thriving user community and a huge array of plugins, widgets, and themes, WordPress is the optimal way to develop and deploy Internet applications.

Here are some of the features that we think that you’ll love.

  • Simplicity – We make it simple for you to get online and get publishing, quickly. Nothing should get in the way of you getting your content out there. WordPress is built to make that happen and we’ll make your life easy.

  • Flexibility – With WordPress, we can create any type of website you want: a personal blog or website, a photoblog, a business website, a professional portfolio, a government website, a magazine or news website, an online community, even a network of websites. We can make your website beautiful with custom themes, and extend it with third-party plugins.

  • Publishing Tools – WordPress makes it easy for you to manage your content. You can create drafts, schedule publication, and look at your post revisions. We can make your content public or private, and secure posts and pages with a password.

  • User Management – Not everyone requires the same access to your website. Administrators manage the site, editors work with content, authors and contributors write that content, and subscribers have a profile that they can manage. This lets us create a variety of contributors to your website, and let others simply be part of your community.

  • Media Management – We’ll make it easy for you to quickly and easily upload images and media to your WordPress website. With a simple drag and drop uploader, your media is easy to add it to the website. Add alt text, captions, and titles, and insert images and galleries into your content.

  • Full Standards Compliance – Our custom themes are developed using widely adopted frameworks, with every bit of WordPress generated code being in full compliance with the standards set by the W3C. This means that your website will work in today’s browsers, while maintaining as much forward compatibility with the next generation of browsers as possible. Your website is a beautiful thing, now and in the future.

  • Extend with Plugins – Developing a feature-rich website within your budget is made possible by our utilization of any of the thousands of third-party plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory. We will help determine the best plugin for the project, configure the functionality and style it to match the custom theme of your site.

  • Search Engine Optimized – When the head of Google’s web spam team says that WordPress is a great choice, taking care of 80-90% of the mechanics of search engine optimization for you, you know you’re on to a good thing. For more fine-grained SEO control, we will install an SEO plugin to further enhance the SEO capabilities. You can manage your own, of we can manage this for you through an optional monthly managed services agreement.

  • Own Your Data – Inexpensive hosted services sound great on the surface, but they tend to come and go. If you’ve ever used a service that disappeared, you know how traumatic that can be when your site is randomly lost. Using WordPress in a hosted capacity means no one has access to your content and you own your data, all of it – your custom website theme, your content, your data.