Accelerate Your Digital Marketing in 60 Days

prospectLAB helps SMBs and social impact organizations rapidly define, test, and optimize digital strategies that improve marketing and drive top-line revenue.

Choosing and effectively implementing the right digital marketing tools to drive more leads, conversions and revenue is no easy task. It’s the reason we created prospectLAB.

Its goal: Transform your marketing investment into a lead conversion powerhouse with insight to help you discover…

who your site visitors are,
what needs they prioritize,
where they are in the buy cycle,
how to engage them.

At the end of the 60-day prospectLAB, you’ll receive a custom digital strategy tailored to achieve your specific goals and unique business needs. Best of all, most of the heavy lifting is completed during the lab, so you can immediately start executing your custom marketing plan on day 61.


here’s what
prospectLAB can do for you:

  • Tune your brand message
  • Convert site visitors into customers
  • Attract and engage your ideal audience
  • Identify the best approach to generate and capture leads
  • Identify potential prospects looking at your products and services
  • Gain knowledge to help you increase customer conversion
  • Leverage your own knowledge and experience into content that builds thought leadership


During an intensive, introductory consultation, we’ll establish a common understanding of your existing marketing and sales landscape: your value proposition, who your ideal customers are and what your sales process looks like. Armed with this intelligence, we then set up and optimize a targeted set of marketing tools to immediately begin aligning your marketing and sales efforts.

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  • Single-Day, onsite Discovery Workshop
  • CRM and Basic Marketing Automation tools:
    • Sales: performance dashboard, deal tracking, pipeline, prospect and customer management, company insights
    • Marketing: performance dashboard, lead flows, form integrations, visitor tracking
  • Custom integration with your existing site
  • Custom email responder setup (Mailchimp or other)
  • Custom email responses
  • 1 custom content asset
  • 1 custom landing page
  • A/B message testing and tracking
  • SEO and keyword review


Every 2-3 weeks (at least twice during the 60 day initiative), we’ll review progress and deliver our simple-to-read reports that break down the most important site analytics (with data you won’t get from Google) including:

  • An executive overview and data interpretation
  • Insights into which companies are viewing your website and content
  • Detailed visitor contact and interest data of engaged site visitors
  • Heatmaps detailing how visitors interact with your website and content
  • Overall content performance
  • SEO data and analytics
  • Overall relevant customer insights


At the conclusion of the prospectLAB, you’ll receive a final report with detailed recommendations driven by the data and intelligence we’ve gathered over the course of our engagement. This final report will map out a digital technology plan to drive growth, improve your sales approach, focus your marketing efforts and make your team more efficient.

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3 month marketing plan including:

  • Buyer persona profiles
  • detailed 12-week marketing program
  • friction and pain point solutions
  • Topic suggestions for 12 SEO-focused blog posts
  • Topic/format suggestions for 2 custom content assets
  • consideration and decision stage offers
  • detailed 12- week social media schedule
  • Client polls and survey results


  • A recommended marketing technology stack
  • Lead-nurturing workflow with an overview of automated email topic
  • Suggestions to improve site architecture and navigation
  • Recommendations for homepage and secondary page design/layout
  • client polls and survey results


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