stitchDX Solutions

Fueling your organization’s growth, from inside and out.

Optimize your lead generation and conversion with prospectLAB.
Foster collaboration and boost team productivity with SQUAD Digital Workplaces.

The “DX” in our name stands for “Digital Experience.” And our exclusive solutions—prospectLAB and SQUAD—deliver digital experiences that significantly improve marketing ROI and workplace productivity across your organization.

Accelerate Your Digital Marketing in 60 Days

prospectLAB transforms your marketing investment into a lead conversion powerhouse with insight to help you discover…

  • who your site visitors are
  • what needs they prioritize
  • where they are in the buy cycle
  • how to engage them.

prospectLAB is ideal for SMBs and social impact organizations who want to rapidly define, test, and optimize digital strategies and improve marketing to drive top-line revenue.

Intranet & Collaboration Solution for Everyone

SQUAD brings the power of enterprise-level intranet and collaboration to every organization.

Unify all your content, data, intelligence, and communications across every aspect of your business.

Build digital experiences that drive productivity, communication, and collaboration for every team in your organization.

And with SQUAD’s rapid deployment process, your teams get up and running quickly and more effectively.