Digital Workplace Platform

SQUAD improves collaboration, communication, and productivity organization-wide, to advance your business goals.

SQUAD brings the power of enterprise-level intranet and collaboration to any organization.

Unify all your content, data, intelligence, and communications across every aspect of your business.

Build digital experiences that drive productivity, communication, and collaboration for every team in your organization.

And with SQUAD rapid deployment process, your teams get up and running quickly and more effectively.


SQUAD is right for you if your business…

  • has fewer than 1,000 employees
  • wants to leverage its Microsoft O365 investment
  • will benefit from the power of a modern digital workplace


Enhance your O365 investment with better collaboration and communication across your entire workforce. Right out of the box.

Drive Collaboration

Improve productivity, collaboration, and mobility with seamless Microsoft O365 integration.

Enable Communication

Empower users to deliver quality content—authoring, editing, and publishing quickly to the right audiences at the right time.

Reinforce Your Brand

Drive brand clarity across your organization with a customized layout, look, and feel.

Get Started Faster

Expert installation, configuration, launch, training, and post-launch support ensure effective adoption.

Stay Agile & Keep Focus


SQUAD Digital Workplace and SQUAD Virtual Workspaces can be installed together or as stand-alone solutions, and customized in as little as 6 weeks. The SQUAD quickstart process propels discovery, design and development to deliver a digital engagement solution optimized to address the specific needs of your organization.

SQUAD Digital Workplace Platform - Intranet Solution
SQUAD Workplace - Intranet

SQUAD Intranet

Digital Workplace Platform
One unified location allows employees to easily target and access O365 content, tools, data, and technology to perform their jobs more effectively, improve organizational alignment, and make better business-critical decisions.

SQUAD Collaboration - Unify and manage all your projects, documents and people in one place.
SQUAD Workspaces - Collaboration

SQUAD Collaboration

Virtual Workspaces
Create unlimited workspaces, enabling your users to communicate and collaborate around all your O365 documents, projects, events, or initiatives—fully integrating all contributors, data, and conversations.