How Multi-Factor Authentication Helps Secure your Digital Workplace

Multi-Factor Authentication adds additional, hardened levels of security to your digital workplace.

The reason for creating finely tuned digital employee experiences (EX) and customer experiences (CX) is simple: You do it to accelerate the growth of your organization.  But right now I want to discuss how to use multi-factor authentication in your digital workplace to protect the business results and growth you’re already working to achieve.

Bad things can happen when you DON’T use multi-factor authentication in your digital workplace.


Instagram: The Next Big Platform for B2B Marketing?


Over the years you’ve mastered Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to increase engagement rates for your company. Now Instagram seems to be taking the B2B marketing spotlight — could it be all it’s cracked up to be for B2B marketing?

Social Media AppsHopping onto the social media train has been pivotal for both B2B and B2C marketers. Today, 42% of the world uses social media (the “world”, as in 3B+ people) and 54% of social media users utilize these platforms to research product purchases. With average daily social media use now exceeding 2 hours, it’s no surprise that it’s now essential to executing a successful marketing campaign. (more…)

Important Updates from INBOUND 2019

INBOUND 2019 — HubSpot’s annual, over-the-top, 20,000 attendees strong, marketing conference — brought together a myriad of speakers from every corner of the planet to discuss and celebrate the inbound marketing methodology. Key themes from this year’s conference included a focus on projecting authenticity of voice, along with the importance of effective storytelling in your marketing. The main focus, however, was on creating a more effective and enjoyable customer experience. (more…)

4 Big Takeaways from HYPERGROWTH ’19


Last week, thousands of eager and hungry marketing minds packed Boston’s iconic Wang Theater to feast on a smorgasbord of inspiration, career advice, marketing know-how and entertainment Grace Savage at HyperGrowth(Grace Savage, British beatboxer, kicked it all off with an awe-inspiring performance). Conversational marketing platform Drift held its third annual HYPERGROWTH conference and delivered a story-based agenda of growth, triumph, and success (they also made a super exciting product announcement!). All left the theater with many lasting lessons and takeaways to bring back and incorporate into their respective agencies and businesses. (more…)

6 Key Marketing Trends Critical to your Business!

ultimate guide to marketing trends

While a continually shifting landscape in the marketing world is nothing new, keeping up with those changes and trends can be difficult. But staying on top of trends in marketing strategy and technologies better positions your business to stay relevant with today’s prospects and customers, stay ahead of the competition, and respond to changes in the market. (more…)