New HubSpot Feature Makes Social Sharing Painless

Every marketer knows the importance of having a sustained, high level of audience engagement. And often, the easiest, most engaging conversations you can have with your customers happen on social media. Now, HubSpot’s latest update means you have no excuses for not filling up your queue every month with great content. (more…)

Five Essential Marketing Tasks that SMBs Can Easily Automate

Every SMB and non-profit should be using martch to automate these 5 marketing tasks.

According to Statistica, high-quality inbound marketing content is the most valuable and effective method of moving prospects through the sales funnel. Without a doubt it is THE way to distinguish your brand, establish and reinforce your expertise, and stay ahead of the competition in any industry these days. And the icing on the cake: Google is becoming more and more favorable toward content that’s naturally relevant, as opposed to keyword-driven.

It will always take creativity, knowledge, time, skill, and a pinch of inspiration to create engaging, high-quality content at scale. But marketing automation makes it worthwhile (and lets you claw back some of that time).

Here are five critical marketing tasks that you can easily automate to optimize your marketing efforts and free up more time to focus on strategy and core business goals.


How Does Martech Bring Value to SMBs?

Any conversation about martech (marketing technology) and the value it brings to SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses) must begin with a single, central concept:

Marketing today is DIGITAL marketing, full stop. After all, just consider how you shop for goods and services every day.

For an SMB, martech can seem like a multi-headed monster of tools, apps and platforms—and we’re big fans of some of them. But at StitchDX we care MOST about the concrete, measurable ways that martech can bring new value to your marketing and your business.

So let’s take a closer look at the value martech can deliver to your SMB. (more…)

Supreme Court Issues Decision Upholding States’ Right to Impose Collection of Sales Tax on Online Sales

This is a guest post by Kristin Mendoza, of Bernstein Shur, a Maine- and New Hampshire-based law firm. Kristin is a part of Bernstein Shur’s Business Practice Group, where she has a specific focus on providing strategic advice and counsel to entrepreneurs and tech startups. 

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision last week, South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., et al., that will have far reaching impact on the collection of state sales tax on online sales.

Since the release of that decision, I have been seeing a number of news reports and quotes from state representatives as well as small business owners offering strong points of view on the decision. Given that a majority of my practice involves startups and small business owners, I want to make sure that startup and small business owners have accurate information for understanding the decision and developing a strategy for moving forward. Below is a breakdown of the opinion. (more…)

MEET THE NEW BOSS: How Millennials are shaping the digital workplace, and why you should care.

The millennial generation sometimes gets a bad rap. “They’re self-centered.” “They’re not loyal.” “They lack commitment.” “They’re entitled.”

But whether or not these generalizations are accurate is beside the point. The simple reality is this: Right now, millennials as a generation represent the greatest percentage of today’s workforce. And as the boomers retire, that percentage will only grow.

If you’re an employer or manager, you should care about this demographic shift, because it’s transforming how EVERY organization optimizes engagement, productivity, turnover, culture—every aspect of the workplace. In fact, it’s a major force driving adoption of digital workplaces. (more…)