Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Worth the investment for your organization in 2018?

Effective search engine marketing takes discipline, but the business results are well worth it.

In 2018, businesses will commit more than 41% of their marketing budgets to digital marketing—with the largest part used for search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and campaigns.

What’s behind the growth of search engine marketing? Is it worth it for your organization? Do you know how much of your organization’s time, energy and budget should be spent on your SEM strategy? (more…)

Use Buyer Personas for More Effective Lead Nurturing

Buyer personas group together individuals by similar characteristics making it easier for your company to engage with customers.

A business without a steady stream of qualified leads is like a plane without enough fuel: it’ll eventually crash. But it’s not enough simply to have more leads—you also need to nurture your prospects through the stages of the buyer’s journey.

With timely, relevant engagement as they go through the steps of their decision making process, you’ll ultimately persuade them to make a purchase from you. (more…)

8 tactics you can try right now to make your calls-to-action work harder.

Calls-to-action play a vital role in your lead nurturing efforts.

Way to go! People are visiting your site and viewing your content. You’ve got them engaged! Now what?

Your next challenge is getting them to connect with you. Every visit to your site is an opportunity to further engage a prospective buyer. This is where calls-to-action (or CTAs) play a vitally important role. (more…)

3 Strategic Marketing Insights From a Week at INBOUND17

It is still important to know how to market to your audience.

The marketing landscape is constantly evolving. The biggest challenge? Knowing how, what, and where to connect with your audience.

Here are 3 strategic takeaways on how to reach the people that matter most to you (and why it matters), from my week at Hubspot’s Inbound conference: (more…)

3 Highlights From a Week of Learning

Hubspot Inbound 2017

While many of our colleagues and partners were tempted by our offer of discounted tickets to this year’s INBOUND conference put on by HubSpot (part of the perks of being a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner), many could not make it. I promised them I would write with some of the highlights, so here they are. Please let me know if you were there too, and what you learned. (more…)