HubSpotlight: New “Make My Persona” Tool Simplifies Buyer Persona Creation

As a marketer or business owner, knowing exactly who you’re talking to when creating messages is what paves the way for stronger customer engagement. And, as we’ve previously discussed in our blog, the key to knowing your audience and properly nurturing them through your inbound strategy lies in the creation of detailed buyer personas.

Now, HubSpot has made designing Buyer Personas easier than ever. With the new Make My Persona tool, marketers can quickly generate complete personas by answering a series of simple questions about their customers. (more…)

[WHITEPAPER] How engaged are your employees?

What does it mean when we say that employees are “engaged?” Isn’t that just an HR buzzword? Nope. It’s real, and it may very well be vital to the growth of your organization.

An engaged employee isn’t just someone who likes their job. Rather, it’s someone who feels pride, enthusiasm, and commitment to their work—and (most importantly) to their respective organization. They’re your rockstars! (more…)

Always wanted to use HubSpot? Here’s your chance.

As an SMB, you are always trying to look for smarter and easier marketing solutions. There are plenty of options, but choosing the right tools to manage your emails, analytics, contacts and more can be overwhelming. You want an integrated system that can do it all, so that you don’t have to, right?

If you’ve been looking for such a system, the name HubSpot probably rings a bell. HubSpot is the one stop shop for marketing solutions, and there’s no better place to begin your new marketing journey than with the new and improved Marketing Hub Starter.

The Marketing Hub Starter gets you going with the key features of the full HubSpot package. Some of the highlights of Marketing Hub Starter include:


New HubSpot Feature Makes Social Sharing Painless

Every marketer knows the importance of having a sustained, high level of audience engagement. And often, the easiest, most engaging conversations you can have with your customers happen on social media. Now, HubSpot’s latest update means you have no excuses for not filling up your queue every month with great content. (more…)