Buck Institute for Education

Brand & Digital Strategy


In preparation for a national campaign and leadership change, BIE wanted help identifying and crafting its core messages. The messages would then inform a series of marketing activities, including a new website, a book chapter, public relations and other initiatives.


In order to constructively bring all ideas to the table, we developed and facilitated a two-day retreat for the entire organization and key stakeholders. By the end of the workshop, participants had collaborated on a series of core messages reflecting the organization’s values and strategic vision.

By actively shaping these messages, BIE staff became proud “owners” of the messages, with motivation to live them in their work. The messages themselves became the seeds for newsletter content, blog posts, marketing content, and educational presentations.

We also partnered closely with BIE’s new digital operations manager, together guiding the integration of the new core messaging with overall digital strategy—website, social and educational platform.