MoveUp: A Partnership for Adult Learnng

Website & Digital Strategy


When MoveUp contacted us, they were facing a situation all too common in the nonprofit world: They had wonderful, compelling stories to tell, but no way to get them on their website. This was because their site “lived” on a proprietary system that was outdated and inaccessible. Compounding the problem, MoveUp staff dedicated significant time on the phone answering questions or providing information that should have been accessible online.

MoveUp exists to bring institutions, organizations, and individuals together to offer adult literacy and skills training and create innovative solutions to poverty in the Greater Hartford area. They lead the movement to improve the outcomes for adult learners by connecting and supporting the organizations that serve them.


screen shot of Resource Library


StitchDX conceived, crafted, and launched a new website that not only answered MoveUp’s immediate needs but also will grow with the organization as it grows. The look and feel of the site is specifically designed for a variety of users (including adult ESL learners, job seekers, and the partner agencies that support them) with clear icons and easy navigation.

We are particularly proud of the more dynamic areas of the site. The Resource Library houses a rapidly growing archive of research, documents, links, and tools for all those who work with adult learners or are interested in adult literacy.

The Partner Directory is the powerful core of MoveUp’s online presence. It presents each partner a chance to promote itself and its programs to site visitors. Each program is tagged with a variety of identifiers (including zip code) to quickly and easily find the program a site visitor needs.